by Mira Mabsout
  • 1 minute read
  • March 22, 2024
Chopard’s UAE Special Edition choker — it’s so much more than just a heart

There’s something particularly exciting about brand’s releasing special edition pieces only within your country. That’s why when Chopard announced the My Happy Hearts choker, UAE Edition our hearts skipped a beat…

Chopard has reinvented its classic My Happy Hearts collection with a capsule line of two chokers made intricately with delicate 18-carat gold of hearts and dancing diamonds. The pieces are being released in collaboration with, local retailer, Ahmed Seddiqi & Sons.

The not-so-minimalistic white and rose gold chokers blend classic style with a trendy twist. The house’s famous heart encases ethically sourced diamonds which underneath the light.

It’s the refined and delicate details that make these pieces a statement. Whether that be for a glamorous night out or during the everyday.

The spacing of the hearts and their refined craftsmanship make it easy for the choker to be worn alone or stacked for a flattering neckline. You can even wear it as an accessory on the arm by could be folding it around your wrist.

Existing within the house’s DNA, these pieces are filled with ‘Artisans of Emotions’, meaning they have been designed to make you feel loved and appreciated.

While Chopard’s trademark has always been the hearts, the special UAE edition with Seddiqis & Sons, the shape takes on new meaning. It is as if the diamonds are tiny pulses to keep you moving forward, in style, but full of emotion.

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