• 1 minute read
  • November 05, 2023
Carolina Herrera Collaborates with Emirati Personality Marwa Al Hashem for Fragrance Launch

Carolina Herrera, the iconic fashion house, has teamed up with Emirati personality Marwa Al Hashem to introduce their latest fragrance, “Mystery Tabacoo.” In a statement, the house described the fragrance, part of the Carolina Herrera Confidential collection, as embodying sophistication and luxury. The collaboration with Marwa Al Hashem adds an Emirati touch, highlighting the fusion of cultures and modern elegance.

Inspired by the magic of “incomplete memories,” this unique scent combines fruity notes with a smoky atmosphere. The fragrance’s origins trace back to the story of Pepito Herrera, an uncle of Reinaldo Herrera, associated with La Hacienda La Vega, the iconic Caracas estate where Carolina Herrera spent part of her youth and found inspiration for her fashion brand.

Carolina A. Herrera recalls her uncle Pepito as a world traveler, always elegantly dressed in a cross suit and English shoes. He left behind a trail of memories, anecdotes, and stories from his journeys worldwide. The fragrance pays homage to his distinctive blend of vetiver and the scent of blond tobacco, which he enjoyed in exquisitely designed pipes collected during his travels. The launch captures the essence of this unique family history, making it more than just a fragrance but a tribute to an extraordinary man’s spirit of adventure.

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