by Ayesha Shaikh
  • 1 minute read
  • July 17, 2019
Arab Women Are Elegant, Refined And Avant-Garde: Roberto Coin

Meet Roberto Coin and you’ll be instantly swept by his exuberant persona. At the launch of his eponymous jewelry store in the Fashion Avenue extension of The Dubai Mall, he greets his guests with homely Italian warmth, as they marvel at the beautiful jewelry pieces—each, a work of art well-suited to the regional palate. “I consider Arab women to be extremely elegant, refined and avant-garde. There’s a strong curiosity in them to determine future styles,” he tells me.

Inside the showcases is a delightful mix of Roberto Coin collections ranging from ‘Pois Moi’ to ‘New Barocco’ to ‘Princess’, which fuse details such as floral patterns, twisted gold threads, and polka dots, evocative of the moon’s cratered surface.

Roberto Coin

Each piece is signed with a small ruby, which is said to bring positivity and luck. “I fell in love with this small gemstone with such a huge story and decided to make it my signature, and my way of wishing happiness to every woman who wears my creations,” he shares. His love of nature and meeting new people are among the things that inform his practice.

“I was born in Venice, which I consider to be the most romantic and mysterious city in the world,” he states. “This is why Venice and other Italian places are strong inspirations for my collections,” he says. Launched in 1996, Roberto Coin is a part of the international portfolio of Damas, with whom Roberto says he has had a longstanding relationship that has seen them evolve together.

Pois Moi Collection

Amidst the myriad of luxury jewelry brands that have surfaced in the region, what sets Roberto Coin apart? “The art of being different,” he explains. “Since the beginning of my adventure in the creative world, I wanted the brand to be a unique entity, unlike anyone else. I knew that this diversity would become its fundamental characteristic.” A testament to this is that the brand rolls out over five new collections each year, ensuring that there’s something for every woman.


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