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  • January 30, 2023
Spanish Skincare Label Sesderma Debuts Vitamin C Serum In The UAE

Sesderma, a Spanish dermatology lab founded label , has expanded its portfolio to launch its beloved Vitamin C serum, the C- VIT, in the UAE.

Vitamin C is known to be the ‘holy grail’ ingredient in the skincare industry, and Sesderma’s C – VIT vitamin C serum tops the list with its highly effective formula that promises smooth, glowing skin with a few uses.

Sesderma’s  C – VIT  vitamin C serum is formulated with Ethyl Ascorbic Acid, which is the most effective form of the ingredient in the market. The serum is part of a larger line crafted by Sesderma that includes a range of high quality skincare essentials.

As part of its many benefits, the serum provides antioxidants, and moisturising, anti-wrinkle, and illuminating benefits to the skin to restore its natural vitality and glow, and repair damage.

The antioxidants in the serum protect the skin against damage and premature skin ageing caused by free radicals (sun exposure, pollution, smoking, stress, etc.). The C- VIT serum also increases the synthesis of collagen and elastin to help achieve firmer skin. Additionally, the active vitamin C present evens out skin tone and illuminates the skin from within.

The serum uses a nanometric encapsulation method where active ingredients are encapsulated in liposomes to maximise their effectiveness and protection against free radicals. Sesderma’s product line is now available in the UAE, and the label has announced plans to expand its presence across the MENA region soon.

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