by Hayley Alexander
  • 2 minute read
  • June 16, 2023
Saudi 100 Brands Designers Set to Conquer WHITE Milano This September

Prepare to be enthralled as the esteemed designers from the prestigious Saudi 100 Brands programme embark on a majestic journey to grace the highly anticipated WHITE Milano, an opulent spectacle during Milan Fashion Week. An initiative organised by the Saudi Arabian Ministry of Culture and Fashion Commission, set to enrapture the international market once more with unrivalled creations by extraordinary visionaries from the Kingdom.

From September 22 to 25, these remarkable designers will take centre stage in one of the five exclusive areas at the illustrious show. Located within the heart of the Tortona Fashion district in Milan, WHITE Milano stands as the epitome of elegance, and is a gateway for emerging brands and a union of elite fashion buyers, retailers and press seeking inspiration and new horizons.

The Saudi 100 Brands programme forms the bedrock of their success, empowering such talents to nurture their fashion, luxury, and jewellery businesses with unwavering support, ensuring their triumphant stamp in both local and international markets.

Immersed in a transformative journey, these designers have been mentored by visionaries through immersive master classes, enriching workshops and intimate one-on-one sessions, a testament to the programme’s commitment to excellent. The echoes of their triumph resonate across illustrious stages like New York, Paris, and Milan Fashion Weeks, where their impeccable artistry has earned worldwide acclaim.

The 100 designers are from ten distinct categories, ranging from ready-to-wear to traditional, concept to premium, and the splendour of demi-couture to the radiance of bridal ensembles. These exceptional talents have ventured into crafting exquisite handbags, jewellery and in a delightful addition this year, fragrances and footwear.

As anticipation reaches, a world of luxury and camaraderie awaits fashion enthusiasts around the globe. Ready and waiting the unveiling of these Saudi designers’ creations on the grand international stage, we are captivated by their remarkable talent and the unyielding support of the Saudi 100 Brands programme.

Commenting on the value of the WHITE Milano show, Burak Cakmak, CEO of the Saudi Fashion Commission, said,“ I couldn’t be prouder of our designers as they continue to wow audiences on the global stage with their original and inventive designs. The Saudi fashion scene is like no other. It celebrates Saudi’s cultural legacy – its history of talented artisans and sophisticated craftsmanship – along with a love of luxury, extravagant couture, and the contemporary,” Burak continues, “Supporting Saudi designers to reach international markets and showcase in front of influential buyers and decision-makers is important to strengthen their international presence. We look forward to collaborating with new supporters from around the world at this year’s show.”

Get ready to immerse yourself in a spellbinding tapestry of fashion as these designers carve their place among the vanguards of haute couture, leaving an indelible mark on the glamorous world of luxury.

White MILANO will return from 22-25 September 2023 with numerous initiatives taking place in the Tortona Fashion District in Italy across many locations including Padiglione Visconti (Via Tortona 58), Superstudio Più (Via Tortona 27), BASE Ex Ansaldo (Via Tortona 54) and Opificio (Via Tortona 31).  


Images courtesy of Saudi 100 Brands

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