by Aminath Ifasa
  • 3 minute read
  • August 08, 2020
These Are The 7 Most Helpful Wellness Tips You Need To Know

We live in an age where the concept of wellness has become more holistic than ever. To help you bring the best of yourself out every day, we’ve rounded up seven wellness trends that have been favorites in 2020 and for good reason.

Get in-sync with your circadian rhythm

Most of us don’t get enough sleep at night and that’s all thanks to our habit of using our mobiles in bed. Consequentially, we interrupt our natural circadian rhythm that makes sure our innate body clock is working fine. This rhythmic pattern that our body follows naturally is disturbed by our surroundings like  light, temperature and our dietary habits.

Try disconnecting yourself from digital screens an hour before sleep and limit your caffeine intake after 3:00pm. Also, make sure your sleeping environment is at an optimum 15°C-22°C. Allowing our body’s circadian rhythm to function properly is the key to helping our body rest and recharge. While it may be tricky to follow these natural cycles in our modern lifestyles, you can take these small steps to understand and engage with your body’s circadian rhythm for a good night’s sleep and better overall wellbeing.

Indulge in wellness music

2020 is the year of ‘well sounds’. The practice of wellness music has seen a radical reinvention as scientific research has proven the effectiveness of music therapy and sound healing. Indulging yourself in a meditative sound healing session will lower stress levels and blood pressure, uplift your mood and improve your sleep cycle. The ancients Greeks uses to use sound and music as a healing tool, why don’t you give it a go today?

Don’t count your calories

Instead of counting the calories on your plate, experts suggest that adopting an intuitive eating habit and focusing on the quality of what’s on your plate is much more rewarding. Each person’s body is unique, and by understanding why you reach out for certain foods and how they affect your mood and energy level, you’re leading yourself to a sustainable eating lifestyle and better wellbeing.

Turn to technology

With the current pandemic and several other challenges that we’re battling out in today’s times, the need for a wellbeing checklist has become a necessity. Technology, however, has come to our rescue. Headspace and Beeja are apps that help us nurture our inner world and encourage mindfulness. Try out these virtual mental wellbeing resources to help your regain your inner wellbeing.

Prioritize healthy and glowy skin

Another wellness trend that has become a prime category in the wellness community is skincare. From the multi-step Korean skincare routine to natural and organic ingredients to high-end brands that have created a hybrid of makeup and skincare, the industry has seen it all. Making sure we take care of our body from the outside is also important to ensure that we’re at our prime mentally. Investing into the right skincare for you is key.

Try J wellness

Japanese wellness traditions are age-old innovations that have stood the test of time. However, the 100-year-old Life Society in Japan has made the world turn its heads towards the country’s comprehensive culture of wellness. It includes Ikigai, which means ‘purpose but at a measured pace’; Kintsugi, the art of repairing broken pottery; Wabi-sabi, embracing imperfection and transience; Marie Kondo, decluttering by auditing the spiritual value of our possessions; and Shinrin-Yoku, forest bathing. These J Wellness traditions are not external practices but a way of life. We summon you to follow suit.

Practice mindfulness vs mindlessness

Are you mindful or mindless? The answer to this is the key to making sure your productivity and authenticity are at their best. Build a mindful morning routine for yourself and harness each bit of energy. Focus your efforts into talents and strength instead of distracting yourself into multitasking mindlessly. Meditation is the secret ingredient here that will help you manifest your thoughts and ideas into its best form.


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