by Mira Kerbage
  • 1 minute read
  • December 19, 2020
Burberry To Donate Unused Fabric To Students In New Sustainability Initiative

Burberry has teamed up with British Fashion Council to launch the ‘Reburberry Fabric Program’, aiming to provide UK fashion students with access to unused and trademark-free Burberry fabrics. The program is meant to help struggling young creatives amidst the ongoing pandemic.

Through Reburberry, the fashion brand aims to make “positive changes throughout [their] supply chain by introducing innovative and more sustainable materials and manufacturing,” as mentioned on the brand’s official website.

“By 2022, every product we produce will make a positive social or environmental impact – either through the materials we’ve used or the way it’s made,” the statement added.

Through the use of recycled materials, better cotton, organic fabrics, and redesigned packaging, Reburberry hopes to reflect the company’s efforts to become carbon neutral and actively address the challenges facing the fashion industry today.

The British fashion house also joined forces with football player Marcus Rashford MBE on his initiative to support the UK’s youth by donating to charities such as London Youth, Norbrook Youth Club, Wide Rainbow, and the International Youth Foundation.

Images via Burberry on Instagram.

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